Illegal İtems/Guns in Junkyard Tycoon Business Simulation Game
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Junkyard Tycoon

Illegal Items

Have you ever realised dangerous weapons arround while dismantling junk wehicles? Catch these illegal items on green area with cursors and sell them by offers secretly. Members of the underworld will offer you money, energy, and material options to purchase your weapons.


It’s a version of the famous weapon, designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov. There are so many of AK types right? The AK-7 is the most common version of AK variants and it is very popular among the underworld. Feel lucky if you find one!

AK 47 Rifle

Members of the underworld will offer you money, energy, and materials to purchase weapons in Junkyard Tycoon. The famous AK-47 assault rifle was produced about 100 million pieces and used in almost all wars. AK-47 designed in 1947. Due to it’s fast production, ease of use and care, many countries and resistance, terror, guerrilla groups are still using AK-47.

Auto Shotgun M4

Auto Shotgun M4 is the first weapon designed with automatic gas control system and one of the most valuable weapons in the game. While many special forces use this weapon, members of the underworld will race each other to take it away from you with high offers.

Berthier Rifle

One of the oldest rifles in the World. Berthier Rifle is the most valuable item for First World War collectors. Due to its easy-to-find munitions, Berthier Rifle used extensively during the World War II.

Black Generade

This black angel of death, is always ready to explode. Essential of military trainings. This grenade, with more destructive power than it’s other types, contains black powder and C2. Don’t let the wrong people claim it!

Colt M1 Pistol

Designed by John Browning. Colt pistols are produced in various versions since 1911 and it’s quite popular in the underground market. This weapon has emerged as a result of revolver variety researches.

Dynamite Bomb

Dynamite can be obtained by mixing 3 scale of nitroglycerin, 1 scale of diatomite and a small amount of sodium carbonate. The mixture is should be wrapped in paper. But try keep it away from your hands as possible. No time to explain, RUUUN!

Green Granade

Be careful while removing these explosive hand grenades from the vehicles. Be careful! The members of the underworld will knock your door to purchase them from you, almost everyday.


The German-made semi-automatic pistol, first used by the police departments. Because of the difficult and cost-effective production of pistol, made itself removed from the production. That’s why it’s very popular among the underworld members.

Missle Launcher

With it’s long range, this weapon was always one of the rarest weapons. From the time of World War II to today, the weapon has been modernized and became the favorite for the underworld members.


Designed by Heinrich Vollmer in 1938, this weapon was produced more than 1 million. Distributed to German soldiers and became their most important firepower. And ofcourse underground world loves it!


The most important advantage of Pistols are easy refilling and quick-effective shooting structure. The bullet capacity of the clip is quite high. Every underworld member has a pistol. Everyone will be arround you to take it, always!

Semi-Automatic Pistol

Uses the energy from the previous shot to drive the new flare from the clip to the flare bed. Confused, huh? Better sell this weapon for a good price.

Smith Wesoon

This mass destruction weapon is celebrating it’s 150th age! Having a Smith Wesoon is the greatest way of showing of strength. Ofcourse underworld knows that well. They are waiting for you at the front of the door to buy it. KNOCK KNOCK! Who’s that?


This machine of death, designed and named by Lieutenant Uziel Gal, has revolutionized light machine guns at 1950’s. Due to it’s lightness and burst damage advantages, more than 50 million Uzi produced since 1950’s.

Portable Missle Launcher

40 mm caliber, 95.3 cm long, designed for armored targets and 4-6 shots per minute! But if you ask what we’re doing with all these information, I’d say ask the underworld members. They’ll give you the answer with offers.